Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cold Child

Yesterday Baby Daddy dropped Child off at daycare and picked him up later. When I got home, I saw Baby Daddy holding Child with just a thin onesie and pants on. His fleece hoodie and socks were missing and he felt very cold. I purposely dressed Child in a (super cute) fleece sweatsuit because it was supposed to be cold that day.

When I asked where the socks and hoodie were, Baby Daddy told me one sock was in the nursery and the other was in the car seat. (Good place for them) The fleece hoodie was taken off and put in the car seat on the shelf when Child got to daycare because he "seemed hot." The carseat is stored in the hallway so the daycare teachers didn't know it was there. The poor kid was probably freezing all day and the teachers probably think we're horrible parents for dressing our child in a thin short-sleeve onesie when it's 40 degrees out.